I relish the opportunity to create new work with a purpose for a bespoke commission or a project as I am always interested in the challenge of creating something new.Here are just a few examples of the work that has been/is on show in the public realm.

  • Chinese willow dragon created by Jacquie from Willow and Crafts 1
  • Back of Chinese willow dragon with babies  1

Chinese Dragon sculptures

 I have recently completed thirteen dragons for Go Southampton in Southampton to be used in conjunction with the citys Chinese New Year Celebrations, I created one large sculpture seen here and lots of babies each having its own character, look and pose. The large dragon measured aproximatly 6ft ( 1.82 mtrs in length ths smaller ones were aproximatly 60 cm across 

poppy and Medal

The very large willow poppy was created as a commission for the Army Flying Museum for Remembrance Sunday 2020

I also created a large round medal which has a large ribbon it has now been stored away safely until the next time that they have an event so I am waiting to take a photo of it completed as I couldn’t go there during the lockdown.

Both sculptures were created with metal back plates to enable them to stand or be hung on a wall they both measured approx. 1 metre in  width,  For details of the museum


Large willow poppy
  • Squirrel leaning forward
  • sitting squirrel
  • Squirrel with tail up
  • Owl created 22
  • Owl created 22 from behind
  • Magpie 2
  • Lesser spotted woodpecker 2

Willow squirrels and birds

Wildlife creations Itchen Valley Country Park summer 2022

The countryside service at Eastleigh Borough Council commissioned me to create nine willow animals, we decided to create four grey squirrels in different positions and double the size to normal, a kestrel, a tawny owl, two magpies and a woodpecker all of which can be found in the barn

Their purpose was to provide interest for their visitors and to encourage children to look for the creatures that I made for them who regularly visited the park.

The animals needed to be attached high up on the wooden beams in the barn/ cafe area and needed to be secured in place.

I decided that they needed an internal metal spine and legs with spikes to go down into the beams. I used stainless steel for its anti-rusting properties and a variety of different willow strains for each of the sculptures.


Arts residency Tudor House Museum and gardens

In the summer  of 2022 I was awarded  Developing Your Creative Practise  funding  from the Arts Council, which enabled me to  spend  two day a week undertaking a  10 month residency at the the Tudor House Museum and Gardens  in Southampton. starting in September 22 and ending in the following June.  The focus for my time there was to experiment and create new work in response to the site. Four of the artworks that I created during my time are still in situ. For more details about the project visit my sister website

for more details of the venue