Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions we get asked.

This will be my first time working with willow which are the best activities for someone starting out

It is often best to start with an activity that offers a variety of small items or a larger shape that is relatively straightforward such as a bird workshop.

If you are someone who prefers working on small precise works I  suggest starting with the workshops where we create several smaller items e.g Xmas crafts, garden items, small birdhouses, baskets ect. For those of you who like to experiment and see what happens, you might prefer something more sculptural to be, fair there is no one way and you never know until you try  it will be fun  which ever you decide to do.

How long will a willow sculpture last

Small sculptures with less willow woven nto them will not last as long as densly woven items  so small loose woven open might last 1- 3 years where as a densly woven item can last for 5-8 years

They do need to be  regularly treated  and  positioned in a area with good air flow and drainage , untreated items which not last as long as the critters will move in and turn them into bug houses. 

Not suprisingly if they kept indoors/ under cover away from  harsh elements  they will last for many years.

I always include a rehoming care pack which provides details of how to look after them to help them to settle into their new home. 

I am not sure if this workshop is suitable for me do

Working with willow can be  physical especially if you attending a day workshop,

Things to be aware of  

I usually find that the smaller activities can be more difficult for anyone who has problems with grip,/ fine motor skills /  small movements and that it can be easier to attend a workshop creating a larger shape instead   We often use our thighs to hold items so if this a problem for you please let me know. 

Working with willow can be quite tiring especially if you are working on  large items which are taught on full day workshops,

If you are not sure  please feel free to contact me and we can chat through the options that might work for you before you book a place 

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you are purchasing a item as long has it hasnt been dispatched then that it is ok to cancel it please read the terms and conditions.

If you have booked onto one of my workshops please read the  workshops cancelations and postponements page located under the workshop menu